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CMP offers a complete line of commercial, residential and industrial roof and wall panels in a wide variety of colors and finishes along with these additional services:

  • CMP offers a full range of fasteners in all colors to complement any project. Please contact us for your accessory needs; such as copings, wall flashings, gravel stops, gutters, downspouts and louvers.
  • CMP can provide assistance in flashing and trim design.
  • Continuous length panels from ridge to eave are available through CMP, eliminating troublesome panel end lap conditions.
  • Up to a 30 year written finish warranty is available upon request, for qualifying applications. Available at no charge, this warranty covers peeling, color fade, chalking and paint integrity.
CMP offers a complete line of commercial, residential and industrial roof and wall panels in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Our in-house manufacturing allows us to maintain superior quality and on time deliveries. To better serve our customers, we utilize our own trucking network to insure a quality on-time delivery.


No system is complete without flashings and trim. At CMP we offer quality accessories made from the same wide selection of base metals as our panel systems. These accessories are fabricated using computerized folding equipment ensuring consistent quality from the first piece of trim to the last. We can fabricate most any flashing and trim pieces in lengths up to 26' long.


CMP metal coils are available in 22 ga. or 24 ga. galvanized or galvalume substrates and .032 or .040 aluminum substrates. CMP offers 30 standard colors depending on gauge and metal substrate. Custom colors are available in quantities of 5000 square feet.
We offer 16 standard colors in 26 ga. and 29 ga. material. Contact CMP for actual color samples.



CMP's retrofit systems offer an excellent solution to the problems of a worn out conventional roof. By adding slope to an existing commercial or industrial roof, CMP screw-together retrofit systems facilitate the installation of an attractive, low maintenance roof system.

CMP provides a complete system, with most components pre-cut to length and no special tooling or welding required for installation. For special design requirements, assistance is provided through CMP's technical service department.

For both new and retrofit construction, CMP Structural Components are available in standard or custom configurations. Roofing retrofit represents a tremendous area of growth, as more and more people recognize the aesthetic value and low life-cycle cost of metal roofing.


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